Do you want to learn to make moccasins?

Learn how to make moccasins in a moccasin workshop held by Simply Significants




Upcoming Workshop Dates


Tuesdays Thursday
October 11th 2-4pm PST

October 13th 7-9pm PST

 October 18th 2-4pm PST

October 20th 7-9pm PST

October 25th 2-4pm PST October 27th 7-9pm PST
November 1st 2-4pm PST November 3rd 7-9pm PST



Tuesdays Thursdays
November 8th 2-4pm PST

November 10th 7-9pm PST

November 15th 2-4pm PST

November 17th 7-9pm PST

November 22nd 2-4pm PST November 24th 7-9pm PST
November 29th 2-4pm PST December 1st 7-9pm PST

Past Participants Have Said:

"Sam was a fantastic instructor"

"I found Zoom very good for seeing the instructions, especially the beading"

"Great kit and instruction, made the class an awesome positive atmosphere"

"I learnt some new tricks"

"The passion about sharing part of her culture with others and the amazing guidance along the whole workshop"

"Sam’s authentic and gifted teaching" 

 "I followed along and now feel confident in being able to make moccasins on my own"

"Pleasant teacher, easy to listen to and follow"



moccasin hide vamps with beaded details on a table

What you'll need for the Workshops


Time Commitment

- Workshops are 8 hours. This hours is broken up into 4 sessions that range from 1.5-2 hours per session.

- Each participant will follow along during the workshops, with additional completion time between sessions required as everyone works at different speeds. 

- Each participant will have access to a video recording of each session that they can utilize to finish up their projects. 


Tech Required

- Each participant is to have their own access to a computer, internet, headphones and mic as the Workshops are held on Zoom.

- Zoom meeting information will be emailed prior to the first session. 


Supplies Required

Moccasin Pattern Hide sole Sinew
Liner material Hide Welts Beading Thread
Hide vamp 2 strips beaver fur Glover, Beading and Plain needles
2 pieces of beading foundation 2 index cards 10 small bags of seed beads


Tools Required

Quality Scissors

Pen, Paper or Chalk

X-Acto Utility Knife





There are two workshop pricing options:

1. The first options includes a complete moccasin making kit with all of the supplies you'll need (not including the tech and tools required). This option is $250

2. The second option allows you to use your own supplies and pricing includes just the workshop sessions and pattern for $100.  


I am ready to make my own Moccasins!

To register please choose the 'Moccasin Workshop' product in my shop and choose the pricing variant you prefer based on your supplies requirements.  You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of purchase and a zoom meeting link a week before the first session. 


leather hide moccasins with fur trim and purple flowers beaded details