About Us


My name is Sam Fleshman-Carlick and I am the entrepreneur, creator, crafter and teacher behind Simply Significants.

A few quick facts about me:

  • I am Snohomish/Snoqualmie and my husband Greg Carlick is Taku River Tlingit. We have been together since we were 14 years old.
  • Together Greg & I have 3 wonderful children: Lyam 15y, Jaxon 9y, and Lily 4y who are Taku River Tlingit. 
  • I am a born and raised Yukoner and we live in Whitehorse, Yukon.

How I started Beading

I started my beading journey in 2009. The first thing I made was a pair of mitts for my oldest son. Since then, I have made earrings, wristlets, moccasins, fur hats, vests, mukluks, hair clips, patches and wrap arounds.

My first pair of moccasins

I made my first pair of moccasins in 2012 for my wedding. I wanted them to be special, made just for me. It was difficult to find the materials and someone to guide me on that first pair of moccasins. I found a pattern online and made them without any direction (oh my you should see the heel), I also made each of my bridesmaids a pair of their own.

Simply Significants, Then and Now

Like many women, I started my business Simply Significants so that I could stay home with my kids. It started with me selling moccasins and earrings and it quickly turned into so much more!
In early 2021, I taught my first workshop. I’ll admit it was a bit tricky at first but we did it! It is an incredible feeling to see the pride in the participants faces when they completed their very first pair moccasins. I knew then that teaching others to make moccasins is what I wanted to do.
My mission is to strengthen the appreciation for traditional
skills. Through hand-on workshops and storytelling. By
fostering a fun learning environment. Welcoming to all, my
students complete their projects. Building both confidence in
their skills and themselves.
I am proud of the work that I do because I see the change in
celebrating traditions from generations now and future.



 The boys are quite the little helpers :)